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Empowerment Architect

Eric is not just a master of sales; he embodies the very essence of transformative leadership in the sales industry. Drawing upon a rich tapestry of experience, with a career that spans over twenty years and has driven more than $100 million in B2B sales across sectors as varied as telecommunications and software development, Eric stands out not just for his achievements but for the depth of his strategic insight. His approach to sales is both an art and a science, born from the front lines of business and honed to perfection.

Beyond the accolades, Eric's heart beats for one thing: nurturing the next wave of sales and leadership talent. He founded Closer College with a vision to arm aspiring professionals with not just skills, but a new mindset towards sales and leadership. This platform is his legacy, offering a comprehensive toolkit for those ready to elevate their careers.

Eric's journey is a testament to the power of resilience, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of growth. Through Closer College, he extends an invitation to all who wish to transform their professional paths, offering guidance and support as they embark on a journey of discovery and success. His mission is simple yet profound: to light a fire of ambition and skill in the hearts of many, creating a community of leaders who are not just adept at closing deals but are true visionaries in their field.




Million in Sales



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Eric Charles the founder of the lips sales system

"On a new journey, building a team of revered trainers to help you increase revenue, reduce cost and get ahead of the competition!"

- Eric Charles

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The LIPS Sales System is an approach that has been shown to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales revenue.

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