The LIPS Sales Course Starts With Communication

Unlock your sales potential with our comprehensive Sales Communication Module. This intensive training course equips you with the essential skills to build trust, establish expertise, and deliver customized solutions that resonate with your prospects. Discover how to set clear goals, craft compelling problem stories, and personalize your approach to stimulate emotional connections.

With our sales course, you'll master the art of effective communication, a critical component of successful selling. Learn to leverage storytelling techniques that captivate your audience and demonstrate your deep understanding of their challenges. Gain invaluable insights into tailoring your message for maximum impact, ensuring your prospects can visualize the transformative power of your offerings.

Sales communication module 1

Module 1

Sales Communication


  • 1 - Establishing Trust and Authenticity
  • 2 - Demonstrating Expertise and Skills
  • 3 - Delivering Customized Solutions
  • 4 - Setting Clear Goals and Objectives
  • 5 - Crafting Compelling Problem Stories
  • 6 - Personalizing Problem Stories for Prospects
  • 7 - Stimulating Imagination and Emotional Connections

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Module 1: Exam

50 Multiple Choice Questions

Then We Unlock The Minds Of Prospects That Don't Care

In the sales world, encountering prospects who seem disinterested or indifferent can be a make or break moment. Our IDC Indicators Module equips you with the critical skills to identify and effectively address the "I Don't Care" mindset at various stages of your sales interactions.

Through this comprehensive training, you'll gain invaluable strategies for increasing buyer engagement, even with the most dismissive prospects. Learn how to craft personalized approaches that resonate, overcome objections seamlessly, and guide prospects towards recognizing the value of your offering – without seeming rehearsed or forceful.

Module 2

IDC Sales Indicators


  • 1 - Establishing Credibility in Sales
  • 2 - Demonstrating Your Value in Sales
  • 3 - Embracing Customer-Centric Selling
  • 4 - Overcoming Customer Resistance
  • 5 - Storytelling Mastery for Sales
  • 6 - Crafting Personalized Problem Stories
  • 7 - Guiding Customers to Success

Module 2: Exam

50 Multiple Choice Questions

Here We Master The Investigative Process

Sales Investigation offers a deep dive into essential sales skills, covering how to identify key decision makers, perform a needs analysis, and assess current solutions. It’s structured across seven chapters, focusing on practical strategies for determining budgets, time frames, evaluating prospect fit, and refining your sales approach through review and reflection.

This module is crucial for anyone looking to enhance their sales capabilities, aiming for certification, or simply wanting to improve their selling techniques. It’s designed for both beginners and experienced professionals, providing the tools and insights needed to excel in sales investigation and beyond. With this training, you’ll gain the knowledge to effectively navigate the sales process, making informed decisions that lead to successful outcomes.

Sales communication module 1

Module 3

Sales Investigation


  • 1 - Investigation in sales
  • 2 - Identify Key Decision
  • 3 - Develop a Needs Analysis
  • 4 - Assess Current Solutions
  • 5 - Determine Budget and Time Frame
  • 6 - Evaluate the Prospect's Fit
  • 7 - Review and Reflect

Module 3: Exam

35 Multiple Choice Questions

We Put That Intel Into Our Overall Design

Sales Design is a pivotal training component, meticulously crafted to empower sales professionals with the skills necessary to design and deliver impactful sales experiences. This module goes beyond the basics, diving deep into the art and science of crafting sales strategies that resonate.

It's about more than just selling, it's about creating a narrative and a visual journey that engages and converts. From the initial impression to the final pitch, every element is designed to ensure your message not only reaches but also profoundly impacts your audience.

Tailored for those at any stage of their sales career, this training is particularly beneficial for individuals aiming to refine their presentation skills, develop persuasive sales tactics, and forge stronger connections with clients. By the end of this module, participants will be equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to elevate their sales approach, ensuring that their strategies are not only heard but remembered and acted upon.

Module 4

Sales Design


  • 1 - Visual Processing
  • 2 - First Impression
  • 3 - Emotional Impact
  • 4 - Brand Consistency
  • 5 - Cognitive Fluency
  • 6 - Attention and Focus

Module 4: Exam

30 Multiple Choice Questions

Then We Tie Them All Together Into Long Term Memory

Sales Scripting transforms traditional sales training with its innovative LIPS (Lock, Investigate, Present, State) Sales System. This final module is the capstone of our sales course, synthesizing all prior learnings into a coherent and highly effective sales strategy.

Through its four chapters, it guides participants from the initial engagement (Lock) through the exploration of customer needs (Investigate), to the artful presentation of solutions (Present), and finally, to the decisive closing techniques (State). This approach addresses the core reason many sales professionals struggle post-training: the lack of a cohesive system that ties together the entire sales process.

By focusing on mnemonic techniques and a structured system, Sales Scripting offers a clear path to success. It's designed for sales professionals at any level, providing both new entrants and seasoned veterans with the tools to refine their sales narratives, engage more deeply with clients, and achieve tangible results. This module not only teaches you how to sell but ensures you excel at it, turning knowledge into action and prospects into loyal customers.

Sales communication module 1

Module 5

Sales Scripting


  • 1 - Lock
  • 2 - Investigate
  • 4 - Present
  • 5 - State

Module 5: Exam

20 Multiple Choice Questions


The LIPS Sales System is an approach that has been shown to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales revenue.

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